Noir Skincare. Preserving healthful and clean confidence in beauty radiance. The fundamental to youthful looking skin is acquiring the right ingredients that work perfectly for your skin. NOIR’s practice in captivating translucent and radiance in beauty derives from natural elements through botanical metabolic process. Improving your wellbeing and your skin, inside out.

NOIR believes in illuminating and purifying of the skin to create eternal radiance.

NOIR. Where beauty blossom.

Madammu’s Story



Eriyca Baiduri, notably known as Madammu, has always have an obsession in beauty and skincare. Her constant and consistent in sharing beauty tips has led her into the health and beauty business herself.

Persistently, Madammu’s live sharing across social media has created a storm in homegrown beauty industry. Her familiarity and proficiency in delivering insightful tips on beauty, especially skincare has inspired her followers to be beauty conscious to distinct skin types and individual challenges in acquiring desired effects of healthy and radiant skin. Parallel to her passion in beauty, Madammu has continuously envisaged in initiating the most ideal halal premium skincare for all. Hence, Noir Skincare.

Deriving the idea from a glamourous black flower, Noir, the brand signifies the hidden beauty of every women where absolute nurturing will eventually blossoms to a greater intensity.



Without simply emphasizing in achieving healthy well-being and beauty radiance but to additionally benefit others in generating their own personal income through entrepreneurial platforms catered by the company.

Her strong principle in women empowerment programs within the company and the brand has benefited thousands of women across Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia as well of other parts of the world. This platform has seen the company accomplished in great height, accelerating the country’s socioeconomic scenario.

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Video Testimony

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